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Da sempre precursori nel diritto e nella professione legale

Francesco Galgano

Author of contemporary civil and commercial law

Professor Francesco Galgano was a leading authority in contracts and commercial law who is often referred to as the “Father of Civil Law”. He was one of the most acclaimed Italian jurists of his times, and a “maestro” who has inspired generations of legal scholars.

In over fifty years of activity Studio Galgano has consolidated its standing in Italy and abroad and has become a guiding light in the business community and among professionals. Through the years Studio Galgano has built up strong relationships with an increasingly wide and diverse clientele: Italian and International companies, banks and institutional investors, government authorities and private entities. The firm’s professionals regularly publish articles on Academic publications and print media. Many of the firm’s consultants have studied and worked with Francesco Galgano in his long professional and Academic life and are now teaching University courses and International seminars.

Studio Galgano is on a dynamic growth trajectory with offices in Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Padua, Udine and Miami.